Question:. Who do I contact for Web Support Issues?

Answer: Contact your assigned accounts receivable specialist or email questions to

Question:What internet browser do I need to use to access all of the information on the site??

Answer:This website accommodates Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox and other browser programs. This site allows viewing on an array of devices (PC, iPad, tablet, smart phone, etc.).

Question:I requested email or fax delivery of my documents through the website, but I am not receiving them in my inbox?

Answer:Check your Spam or Junk Mail inbox. Your email system may not recognize or allow delivery of these items. You can usually add the email address to your “Safe Senders” list to allow delivery. Check with your IT support for assistance. To ensure proper document delivery, all user profiles for the same account number must maintain the same distribution settings for document delivery.

Question:I checked the box to get invoices via email, but I also continue to get them by regular mail?

Answer:Please verify that you have checked only one box (email option) in the delivery options in your Edit Profile section. To ensure proper document delivery, all user profiles for the same account number must maintain the same distribution settings for document delivery.

Question: It’s hard to find my list of invoices and statements?

Answer: Complex search fields allow you to filter your results. You may sort your results by clicking on the top of the column.

Question: How do I print, email or fax invoices or statements?

Answer: Click on the invoice or statement icon in the listing, the document will appear on the screen. Print the screen as you usually would from your web browser. Or click the PDF button and a PDF image will appear that you can save, print, email or fax. To select multiple documents, checkmark the documents in the PDF column, then click the Combine PDF button to generate one pdf containing all of your selected documents. You can then manage them from your regular Adobe Reader.

Question: Why can’t I see a particular invoice or credit memo?

Answer:Due to certain file creation rules, some items may not appear on your archive. Please contact your accounts receivable specialist.

Question: My statements or invoices do not appear to be updated?

Answer:This archive provides an historical “snapshot” of your monthly statement and will not reflect recent changes, payments, etc. made during the current month. Always refer to your most recent monthly statement for an accurate statement balance at that month-end. This website is a supplemental tool for you to view, store, print, email and pay your invoices online. It is not intended to replace your internal accounting system. During the month, please contact your accounts receivable specialist for your up to date account status.

Question:I am trying to pay online but I can’t make the payment? Why?

Answer: Before you can make payments through this website portal, you need to setup/update your profile screen. Click on the “My Profile” link on your account home page. Checkmark the “Make Payments” box and enter your account information. If you choose to use another account for payment you may do so on the payment screen.

Question: Can I pay with a credit card?

Answer: Not at this time. Please contact your FMP representative for alternate payment methods.

Question: What can I do if I don’t get a payment confirmation?

Answer: Click on your “Pay History” link to retrieve your receipt. Contact your assigned FMP representative; or email questions to